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Discover the main services and benefits provided by CMO Himachal Pradesh.


Get timely public notifications directly from the Chief Minister’s Office to stay informed and engaged with state affairs.

Job Offerings

Discover a range of government job opportunities in Himachal Pradesh, ensuring equal access and opportunities for all.

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Stay updated on the latest state-related announcements and initiatives, fostering transparency and effective governance.

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With a rich history of serving as the official channel for state notifications and employment opportunities, CMO Himachal Pradesh brings unrivaled expertise in delivering crucial updates to the public.

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Experience the reliability and authenticity of information provided by the CMO Himachal Pradesh, your trusted source for state-related announcements.

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Receive essential notifications and announcements promptly, ensuring you are always in the loop with state developments.

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Rely on us as the authoritative voice of the Chief Minister’s Office, guaranteeing accurate and reliable state-related information.

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